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Upcoming Performances:
All shows (details below):
May 8 - Snoqualmie Brewery
May 14 - Salmon Bay Eagles
May 22 - Easy Monkey Taphouse
May 25 - Folklife Festival
May 31 - Bellevue Jazz Festival
July 17 - Pinehurst Park Music Festival
July 17 - Snoqualmie Brewery
July 22 - Madison's, Everett
July 25 - 6th Ave St Fair, Bellevue
July 30 - Highway 99 Blues Club
Aug 1 - Coupeville Arts Festival
Aug 8 - Easy Monkey Taphouse
Sept 8 - Bellevue Live at Lunch
Sept 19 - Burien Jazz Festival
Sept 26 - Bellevue Crossroads

Brian solo
Bellevue 6th Ave Street Fair (Website)
Saturday, July 25 2:30 - 4:00pm
NE 6th Street and 106th Avenue NE, Downtown Bellevue

Brian w/Three Guitars
Highway 99 Blues Club (website)
Rare Seattle Appearance!

(Jack Cook, Brian Butler, Chris Stevens with Mark Dalton & Russ Cammerer) Three guitarists, three styles: a night of mad guitar slinging.
Thursday, July 30 - 8:00pm
1414 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 382-2171

Brian solo
Coupeville Arts Festival 2015 (Website)
Saturday, August 1st    1:00 - 2:30pm
Coupeville, WA (Whidbey Island)

Brian Butler with Robert Shangrow
Easy Monkey Taphouse (Website)
Saturday, August 8, 8 - 10pm
17537 15th Ave NE, Shoreline, Washington 98155 (206) 420-1326
Return to the taphouse, one of our favorite places to play.

News & Musings:
July 24, 2015
Me and pianist Annieville tore it up at Madison's in Everett on Wednesday night. Paul and Willow have created a very attentive and supportive scene there. People walk up and thank you for bringing your music to them. Annieville has a new video piano lesson DVD out! She's been working towards that for a long time. Hurray Annieville! More info on her website.
July 6, 2015
Heat wave in Seattle! Was that June? Tom Russell rolled into the Tractor some days ago and played a great show. He's a wild man and a great songwriter! Been following him since I first heard "Blue Wing". Go see him next time.
A couple good weeks of gigs coming up. Varied locations and formats. Looking forward to them.
June 1, 2015
Rest In Peace B.B. King. A major influence on the music world. We shared a Sept 16 birthday. You had to hear him live; his records were great but in person the music had a sinewy, snaky life that I never heard from any other musician.
May 14, 2015
Fun show at Salmon Bay Eagles with Leslie Milton and Lady Keys. Robert Shangrow with me on the bass. Leslie sounded great and in the deep pocket, doing a bunch of singing with Lady Keys playing some fine piano. A cool duo. It was a night of duos. Duo duos.
May 10, 2015
Saw mom, brunch. It's bicycle riding time, Cascade Training Series to be exact. 60 mile ride on Saturday up to Snohomish and back. Great being out in farm country with the mountains to east and west. Oh, the music...Thursday at Salmon Bay Eagles, Friday with Paul Green at Snoqualmie Brewery and last night's benefit for Orchestra of Seattle in which Robert Shangrow plays viola. This week: Salmon Bay again, this time with Robert; gonna dig in to this one. Leslie Milton starts around 10pm.
April 14, 2015
Robert Shangrow and I are getting ready for the return trip to the Easy Monkey. Got mostly my songs in the set list although there's a great one by Butch Hancock called "Boxcars", and we do one by Otis Blackwell who wrote "Don't Be Cruel", called "Daddy Rolling Stone". In the last month Martin Sexton, Joe Ely, Ruthie Foster and John Hammond have all been in Seattle in concert! Hammond was a great show to catch as he is doing that solo show with acoustic guitar and harp on a rack. He really attacks the strings. We'll see ya up at the Easy Monkey, 8pm - 10pm. Easy hours!
April 3, 2015
I happened upon Everett, a great site with a real good listing of both music in the north beyond Everett, but a pretty thorough listing in our dear city, say it with pride, Seattle. I emailed him my Easy Monkey Taphouse gig and he had it up right away. He being a guy named Marc Tachell. Well, thanks Marc for helping us musicians out! Lay your peepers on it.
March 15, 2015
An email from a gig in 2011 that went out to the email list for a gig at the defunct Rimrock on Lake City Way. Several people came in and told me that they were there because of it:

Like something out of the old blues song ‘Driving Wheel', the Rimrock is all steak, potatoes and peas.
"When my baby walks, she shakes like a leaf tremblin' on a tree Yeah, when my baby walks, she shakes like a leaf tremblin' on a willow tree Come over here baby, get your steak potatoes and peas…"
Lying low on the east side of the old highway to Bothell, the Rimrock offers up ribeyes and tuna melts, blues and country music belted out by rough and tumble bands that descend out of the nearby hills to play their kind of music. Picture yourself there, it's Friday and long after midnight, the neon lights over the bar flicker, the band rocks harder than you could ever believe a band could… Fender guitars and amps bristle on the bandstand…the postage stamp size dance floor fills to overload, all hips and arms, writhing in the glow of the jukebox… you order another round and think about asking someone at the next table to dance… cold beers and shots of whiskey dance a two-step on the nicked and gouged wooden bar… the guy at the door looks like a young Jerry Lee Lewis…you can't believe you're in Seattle in the early days of 2011, you didn't know this kind of scene existed. Oh yeah, you'd read Kerouac and those wild times he had exhorting jazz saxaphones down on Central Avenue, but you never thought they'd happen to you…now you're crouched in front of the bandstand, the guitarist is playing a wild, out of control solo, the organist has stuck a matchbook in his keyboard to hold one note for eternity and has jumped out on the dance floor and is doing the limbo with the steampunk girl who looks like she just got off the Titanic…the band thunders, blood pumps in your ears, you've never felt more alive. You're yelling "Go!.....Go!......Go!"

March 3, 2015
Came across this quote from a few years back:
"Brian Butler and the Brian Butler Band have been Northwest institutions for decades. The sure energy of his blistering, electric blues guitar, the deep roots of his acoustic blues, and his life long work in the Seattle blues scene have been and still are significant contributions to our rich music culture" - The Boogiemeister, WA Blues Society newsletter.
Feb 24, 2015
Really looking forward to playing at the Easy Monkey Taphouse. Steve the owner is a real music follower and supporter and the room is clean, cozy and perfect for music. It's hard making it in the music business, for both clubs and players so all support is really appreciated. In the summer they open the big back door. Don't expect that when we play on March 6, but keep it in mind! Robert Shangrow will be there with his great bass playing and we've worked up an exciting set that features a lot of my originals. See ya there!
Feb 5, 2015
The Three Guitars - Jack Cook, Chris Stevens, Mark Dalton, Russ Cammerer and I - had a great time playing at the Crossroads a week ago. A diverse audience of varied ethnicity and ages makes the place special. A bunch of friends showed to cheer us on, the espresso flowed like wine, and the kids danced with those tennis shoes that light up. We'll be back in the fall.
Feb 1, 2015
Looking forward to hearing Martin Sexton at the Neptune later this month. He has a fantastic voice plus he makes his Godin A6 Ultra guitar sound so good I had to pick one up. Its a useful guitar that I'm using in my solo shows. He's playing Feb 27 if ya wanna know.
Oct, 2014
Bob Dylan rolled through town, three shows at the Paramount. He played a lot of piano; occasionally wandering up to the center of the three mics and stage center to sing. The band has kind of a riverboat ensemble sound that is totally unique. Bob was inscrutable as usual but fascinating. If Mark Twain came to town, would you go see him?