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"When the night falls, the blues is king. The devils' trying to get a gig, at Pigalley, Place Pigalley" - lyrics from Place Pigalle

"The sailors are gone from Dock Street
They left no word
If they found safe haven
I havenít heard
The streets that they called home
Have escaped the wrecking ball
Despite the best efforts
Of the good folks at City Hall
Red right returning the sailors all learn
Port wine's still red they say
But oh, Dock Street's goiní away" - lyrics from Dock Street

Brian Butler is an acoustic and electric guitarist and singer operating out of Seattle. Steeped in the acoustic and electric blues traditions, he also branches out into other styles. He digs good songs, no matter what the genre. A long time fan of Americana musicians like Tom Russell, Dave Alvin and Calexico, lately he's been listening to Morphine, Amy Winehouse, and Son of Dave.